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Turnkey construction solutions

What is a turnkey house? It is the easiest and most cost-effective path to a new house because the construction expenses are fixed and predetermined.

With a turnkey contract, the contractor is obligated to build a house or a building on a certain property based on fixed and predetermined costs. Why is this the most cost-efficient path to a new house? Construction costs are subject to change and vary during the construction process, but with a turnkey contract the costs are determined in advance.

Payment options: Credit or cash payments in installments

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Building a home in 4 easy steps

The turnkey concept is the fastest and most cost-efficient path to a new house

Conceptual design, architectural plan and 3D model


We will develop a cost-effective financing strategy that will save you money


We start building your new house based on the conceptual design and predefined budget plans


Walk into your new house and start living!

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